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TVP2589U + programmer with USB interface, you can quickly read and write 25 Series Serial FLASH chip.
The programmer has the following characteristics: the communication between the PC using the USB interface, the speed up to 12Mbps, using the serial or parallel port than the programmer, greatly improved communication speeds, and automatic identification chip models.
Good compatibility, support for SST, EON, Winbond, Macronix, and many other manufacturers of 25 series of serial FLASH;
Offline replication, a key can be done by copying the chip does not need to connect to the computer.


SPI FLASH memory structure is simple, storage capacity, low cost, has been widely used in DVD players, computer motherboard BIOS, LCD monitors, LCD TVs and a variety of new electrical equipment. Buy TVP2588U high-speed benefits without regard to the future programmer eliminated as a result of other online DVD upgrade the small plates at the same time be eliminated, so that TVP2589U + is the maintenance of the computer motherboard BIOS, and DVD best choice.

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