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AT936D Soldering Station w/LCD temperature displaly

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High temperature soldering station features AT969D

* Stainless steel heating element, in close contact with the tip, measured Wenling Min, warmed rapidly, and long life.

* heater and split tip design, the same nozzle with the international brand generic, the use of cost saving, easy to replace.

* use MCU control, temperature control accuracy and stability.

* knob to adjust the input data, digital display, convenient operation and intuitive display.

* intelligent thermal management card, adjust the temperature to prevent operator error and ensure production processes.

* Digital Temperature school, calibration accuracy.

Automatic sleep function, 20 minutes misuse will automatically enter Sleep (200 ℃) status, any operation that wake-up, set the iron temperature before rapid recovery, very save energy.

* self-test failure, fever, body damage to the digital screen shows "- - -"prompt, easy to maintain.
AT969D High temperature soldering station technical specifications
Type AT969D
Power 60W
Input voltage 220V
Temperature range 200 ℃ - 480 ℃
Temperature stability of ± 1 ℃ (no load)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground resistance <2mV
ESD is
Dimensions 170 (L) × 120 (W) × 93 (H) mm
Weight about 1.8Kg

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