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Infrared Soldering Station

На складе: да

1. Broken through the traditional hot air welding machine covering the heating elements heat removed

2. the use of advanced infrared rework technology, special infrared heat, penetrating power, the device heat evenly.

3, Do not need weld fixture, the machine welding 15-35mm all removable components.

4, the machine is equipped with 600W pre-melt system, warm-up range of 120 × 120mm, and is equipped with Magnetic PCB board tray, convenient and practical.

5, Infrared heating no hot air flow will not affect the surrounding small components, all applicable components, in particular, BGA, SMD components.

6, the machine is equipped with lead-free soldering station with Japanese white hot core, extremely long life, heating Express, truly lead-free soldering.

7, LK862 Value 5-one function: Infrared Desoldering, pre-melt system, lead-free soldering station (white core), operating lights, magnetic rail frame into one.

8, with working lights, table lamps can work without reprovision.

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