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Infra-red Temperature Tester

Infra-red Temperature Tester ― OBD AUTO
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На складе: да

EM 6083 hand held infrared Temperature Tester is very handy when
measuring surface temperature of any known objects without having
in contact. It is safe and fast in getting the results for less than 1
second. Displays results in deg. C or deg. F with a press of the button.
For even accurate positioning, it comes with a press button activated
(for safety) laser light pointer. In Automotive fields, it is suited to
measure running engine block temperatures, truck tires temperatures
(when tires have been traveled over non-stop long distances), etc.
  -     Measures surface temperature without contact.
  -     Laser pointer for accurate positioning.
  -     Easy to read large digital display.
  -     Blue backlight display for dim environment.
  -     Low battery power indication.
  -     Max. Temperature measuring range up to 320 deg C or 608 deg F.
  -     Response time – less than 1 second.
  -     Selectable deg. C or deg. F display.
  -     Switch activated (for safety) laser pointer.
Temperature checking range:               - 20 ~ 320 deg. C or - 4 ~ 608 deg F
Distance to Spot Ratio:                            6:1
Operating Ambient Temperature:         0 ~ 40 deg. C or 32 ~ 105 deg. F
Accuracy:                                                    ±2 deg. C (±3 deg. F) or 2% reading
Response Time:                                      Less than 1 second.
Spectral Response:                                7~8 um
Storage Temperature:                            - 20 ~ 65 deg. C or -4 ~150 deg. F
Relative Humidity:                                   10~95% (non condensing up to 86 ° F)
Power:                                                        Normal 9V Battery (6F22)
Battery Life:                                               12 Hrs.
Dimensions (W×L×T):                            90×155×45 mm
Weight:                                                      150g (with battery)
CE Approved.

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