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VCM2 for LandRover

VCM2 for LandRover ― OBD AUTO
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VCM2 for LandRover



* JLR Approved device

* Replacement for JLR SDD VCM

* Covers CAN, & ISO9141 vehicle networks

* Most cost effective Land Rover pass-thru

  VCI device

* Best suited for current and future vehicles

* 12ft USB cable as standard included

* Easy to update for J2534 new functionality



What does the VCM2 for Land Rover do?

The VCM2 for Land Rover connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (diagnostic)

connector and then to a laptop via a USB cable for use with SDD. Once the J2534

DLL files are loaded, this product will allow normal operation with the JLR SDD

diagnostic tool.


The device is designed as a replacement pass-through vehicle communications

device that can be used for the majority of the JLR SDD diagnostic applications.

Only SCP communications are not possible with this device.


How does the VCM2 for Land Rover operate in J2534


The VCM2 for Land Rover device is simple and easy to use.

* Download the latest J2534 DLL software files from the Diagnostic Associates

web site www.diagnostic-associates.com/download.htm and install these on

the SDD laptop.

* Connect the J2534 device to the vehicle OBDII connector (the device powers

from the vehicle).

* Connect the 12ft USB cable to the J2534 device and the other end to the SDD


* The red vehicle power (PWR) LED will illuminate to show that the device is


* During communication with the vehicle the status (STS) LED will flash green.

* The device interacts with the SDD diagnostic tool in the same way as the

existing VCM.

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