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Diga Consult, Tacho Universal

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Tacho-Universal полноценное решение для цифровых спидометров. Данный прибор предоставляет максимальную гибкость и удобство работы при даже самых сложных операциях.


Tacho Universal is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho Universal.

Outstanding characteristics of our programming system are:

1.     The current odometer reading is decoded and shown in the LCD display 

2.     Easy self explanitory operation by clear menu guidance 

3.     Backlit display makes working possible in overcast conditions 

4.     All datasets can be edited, saved and loaded 

5.     The stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving

6.     Up to 200 files can be stored in the Tacho Universal 

7.     Broken speedometers can be repaired comfortably 


item no.              component        number              

1             cable P607 for Tacho Universal 0676     

2             cable 11DU for Tacho Universal 0677     

3             Dongle CAN Hardware for Tacho Universal 0709     

4             Cable BMW OBD2+MB Service Reset for Tacho Universal 0742     

5             Cable ALFA156 for Tacho Universal  0678     

6             Cable ALFA145_146 for Tacho Universal 0679     

7             Cable P206 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0684     

8             Cable ALFA166 for Tacho Universal 0681     

9             Cable P908 for Tacho Universal 0682     

10           Cable ACCORD for Tacho Universal 0683     

11           Cable P406 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0680     

12           Cable MB-DiaMox for Tacho Universal  0685     

13           Cable GTV SPIDER for Tacho Universal  0686     

14           Cable MB SPRINTER Kienzle for Tacho Universal 0687     

15           Cable MB-OBD2 for Tacho Universal  0688     

16           Cable MB-CAN for Tacho Universal  0689     

17           Cable CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0743     

18           Cable Multi CAN for Tacho Universal 0690     

19           Cable P-106 for Tacho Universal 0691     

20           Cable SCOPRIO for Tacho Universal 0692     

21           Cable VW GOLF3+MB C-CLASS OLD for Tacho Universal 0744     

22           Cable SPRINT VDO for Tacho Universal 0693     

23           Cable VW CAN for Tacho Universal 0694     

24           Cable BMW HW 4,5,6 for Tacho Universal 0695     

25           Cable SHARAN 2000 for Tacho Universal 0696     

26           Cable AUDI 2000 for Tacho Universal 0697     

27           Cable OBD2 VW-OPEL for Tacho Universal 0698     

28           Cable POLO98/BELLTLE/B5 for Tacho Universal 0699     

29           Cable BMW DIAG for Tacho Universal 0700     

30           Cable BMW E36 for Tacho Universal 0701     

31           Cable BMW Z3/compact for Tacho Universal 0702     

32           Cable AUDI+VW OBD2+2 for Tacho Universal 0783     

33           DONGLE CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0703     

34           Dongle 912 for Tacho Universal 0704     

35           Cable 912 for Tacho Universal   0712     

37           NEC Dongle for Tacho Universal (9S12 DONGLE) 0732     

38           Adapter 93cx6 for Tacho Universal 0705     

39           Adapter 24COX for Tacho Universal 0706     

40           Adapter 35/95XXX for Tacho Universal 0707     

42           CLIP EEPROM DIP-8CON for Tacho Universal 0715     

43           CLIP EEPROM SOIC-14CON for Tacho Universal (5251) 0714     

44           CLIP EEPROM SOIC-8CON for Tacho Universal (5250) 0713     

45           Cable power supply for Tacho Universal 0711     

47           Tacho Universal hand-held device 0684

48           BMW key Reader PRO 0675

81           BMW CAS CABLE              

82           GE Cherokee 4199

83           Serial Communication Cable

84           USER MANUAL PDF DVD

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