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The GReddy eManage is one of the Least Complex Programmable Engine Computers. Instead of Creating a new engine harness for a stand alone system, the eManage is a piggy back computer that will intercept signals from the engine and allow you to make tuning corrections. The eManage can control numerous function and can take readings from GReddy Warning Gauges. The GReddy eManage will allow Tuners to Adjust for Fuel Injectors, Larger Turbos and Camshaft Changes through the E-01 Programmer or a Windows Based Laptop using The GReddy eManage Software. Installs in 1 Hour.


Features of the GReddy eManage include: 

Air & Fuel Control
For Larger Mass Air Flow Meters or Throttle Bodies, you can adjust the Air Input Signal ±20% to Correspond with the Correct Proportional Amount of Fuel Delivery 
Fuel Delivery can be Adjusted at 5 Different RPM Points for use with Larger Injectors
Auto Idle Correction to Prevent Engine Stalling
Fuel / Boost Cut Controller Included to Allow Maximum Horsepower from the Turbo and Prevent Lean Run at Top end RPMs. Optional Boost Sensor & Harness allows for More Refined Turbo Interaction & Control
eManage Can Control up to 2 Additional Injectors that can be activated by RPM or Boost Pressure (Optional Harness Required).


Ignition Timing Control
With the Optional Harness, you are able to control Ignition Timing for High Boost Conditions 

Vtec Control
Adjustable Vtec Control for RPMs, Engine Speed, Hold Between Gear Shifting
Unlimited Vtec Adjustment
For Vehicles with Vtec Engine Swaps, The eManage Can be used to Activate V-TEC for a Non-Vtec ECU.
Unmatched Fuel Control, Richen or Lean ±10% out the Fuel Mixture when Vtec Engages


Monitoring Functions
Data Logging and Display through E-01 or Windows Laptop
Map Tracing of Fuel, Air Flow, RPMs and Vtec Operation.
The eManage has password Lockout and Retains Memory of Settings if the Battery is Disconnected

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