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Using this device you can read the security Login Code for VAG Cars by simply click the button "immo3" (click &

play), It works on VAG cars that have

been made since +/- June 2000 to year

2004 which are with Immobiliser

System III.

Cars models before year 2000 used an

older immobiliser system where a Login

Code is not integrated in Engine ECU.

These old model cars also need a Login

Code to program new keys, but in that

case you need another Login Code

Reader where a Login Code can be

simply read from Instrument Cluster.

Codes from some car models after June

2000 can be read from Instrument

Cluster too, but some Instrument

Clusters are very hard to access and to

read, or they must be scanned before getting access to the Cluster. It will take too much time and sometimes it

is impossible i.e. Audi A4-2001+ (All remaining by OBD.)

In such cases we have another solution. We can read out the Login Code via OBD from Engine ECU. This Login

Code in Engine ECU is the same as the Login Code in Instrument Cluster.

With this device you can read the security Login Code for VAG Cars since at +/-June 2000 till 2004 with BOSCH

ECU's EDC15/ME7.1/ME7.1.1/ME7.5. These ECU's are in the most engines of VAG Concern for VAG cars in

+/-June 2000 till 2004.

Everything is based on K-Line Diagnostic for VAG cars, so it doesn't work on CAN BUS Diagnostic VAGs, i.e.

Golf-5, Touareg, etc

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